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Before You Lease

Dear Resident,

Recently, you were sent a letter by a gas company stating that you should be a partner with them as part of their Marcellus drilling production. Before you do, you should consider these issues:

• You should seriously consider consulting an attorney knowledgeable in this particular area of law as well as your mortgage lender and homeowner's insurance carrier as your decision to sign may affect your ability to refinance, sell, or be covered for any damages related to drilling.

• Pennsylvania does not currently have automatic forced pooling (the act of being forced by state law into participation in an oil and/or gas producing unit) and it is very difficult, and impossible in many circumstances, for companies to use this controversial legal tool to gain access to minerals beneath your property. The promise of income for your family for generations is often exaggerated and there are hidden fees, taxes, deductions etc.

Other concerns associated with unconventional gas development:

• Nuisance: Fracking is a heavy industrial process. Each well requires thousands of truck trips and results in significant noise. Drilling operations continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and require substantial lighting and produces tons of waste.

• Fire & Explosions: There is always the potential for fire and explosions with the nature of natural gas production and the evacuation area on an unconventional gas well is typically a 1/2 mile radius from the well.

• Water & Air Pollution: According to the DEP, in 2014 more than 240 private water supplies were said to have been damaged by oil and gas operations during the past seven years. Streams and tributaries are also at risk from contamination due to spills or regurgitation of flow back from slick water hydraulic fracturing. Residents living less than 1⁄2 mile from wells are at greater risk for health effects from exposure to air pollutants during well completion activities due to exposure to toxic chemicals released during the process.

• Property Value Depreciation: All of the above concerns are issues that can affect property values. Property values will also be affected by whether or not the mineral rights have been severed from the surface rights, whether the mineral rights can be or are leased to an oil & gas company, and problems obtaining mortgages and insurance coverage.

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PA Water Contamination Complaints by county

If residents suspect contamination with their water supply, they should contact DEP immediately 
at 570-327-3636. Residents with impacted water supplies should not use their water for drinking, washing, or bathing. 

Crucial Well Water Testing If Fracking is Happening in Your Community

If you wish to protect your private source of potable water - you must act promptly to establish a baseline reading before seismic testing and/or drilling begins. 

For a list of certified labs go to
Highly recommended baseline well water testing parameters (ask for "3-tiered" testing)
Alkalinity             Sulfate             Chloride*            Conductivity
Hardness*            pH*                  Bromide             Oil & Grease*
Nitrate                Total Dissolved Solide* (TDS)         
Total Suspended Solids* (TSS)         
MBAS (surfactants)
Trace metal
Barium*             Potassium             Calcium*             Sodium*
Iron*                 Strontium*            Magnesium*         Lead*     
Manganese*        Arsenic*
Ethane*             Methane*            Acrylonitrile
Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)      
Methylene blue active substance* (MBAS)
VOC's*  - (BTEX-benzene toluene, Ethylbenzene * Xylene)
Microbiology - Total Coliform/E.coli
Uranium             Radon             Radium (Radium-226 & Radium-228)
gross alpha, gross beta
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Emergency Contacts 
  • DEP: Odor, Visible Emissions, Air Pollution, Noise Complaint Line: 1-866-255-5158
  • EPA "Eyes on Drilling" Tip Hotline for any complaints about air/water/spills : 1-877-919-4372
  • Robert Helverson, CDC/ATSDR, call with drill related health complaints, water/air impacts: 215-814-3139
  • Dr. Poune Saberi, MD, mPH, provide medical information about shale gas health related complaints: 267-978-3934
  • Nadia Steinzor, Earthworks, Shale Gas Health Impact Survey, free water/air testing for appropriate candidates: 315-677-4111
  • Deborah Goldberg, lead attorney at Earthjustice Law Firm for legal filings: 212-791-1881 x8227