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mid-October:  Dave Smith’s Groups of Ten Kickoff event
10/13th (Friday):  League of Women Voters’ day-long annual SHALE and PUBLIC HEALTH conference at Pitt (excellent in the past; focus on climate and health this year)
17th-19th (Tues-Thur):  Al Gore Climate Change Training, Pittsburgh

The Southwest PA Environmental Health Project (EHP) needs concerned Beaver County citizen’s input & critique on important resource guides they are creating for our County.  If you or anyone you know feels they could be impacted (or already have been) by Oil/Gas fracking operations and/or the proposed Shell cracker plant emissions

Enrollment in the ROCIS Low-Cost Monitoring Project (LCMP) will open soon For an overview of LCMP as well as a summary of the expectations you can click here for more information on the LCMP and participant expectations.
The LCMP objectives are to
 1) Understand How to Use Monitors to Empower Occupants
 2) Collect Baseline Data to Better Understand Outdoor Pollutant Impacts on Indoor Air Quality
 3) Explore the Impact of Behavioral and Technical Interventions
We are targeting motivated occupants who want to learn how they can impact their home or workplaceกฏs air quality as well as reduce the impact of outdoor air pollution.  Please note: This is not a light-weight investment of time. Please review the participant expectations that are listed at the provided link.

Public Herald created this online open source #fileroom primarily for the public and journalists to access and contribute to. The purpose of this website is to provide accurate up-to-date information about oil and gas files managed by a collective effort of individuals and organizations. we’re working to release as many public records as possible and collaborate with the online community to build a comprehensive online file room.
PA Water Contamination Complaints by county
Over 3 Times More Green Jobs Per $1 Invested Than Fossil Fuel Or Nuclear Jobs

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E2 is a national, nonpartisan group of business leaders, investors and others who advocate for smart policies that are good for the economy and good for the environment.