BCMAC Beaver County Marcellus Shale Awareness Committee

                                                               DATE/TIME:   Monday April 28, 2014  at  7:00p.m.
                                                               LOCATION:   Church of the Savior    
                                                                                      420 Maplewood Ave
                                                                                      Ambridge, PA 15003

Seitel and Dawson Geophysical have been conducting seismic testing in Hopewell Township and will continue to do so over the next several weeks.  There have been complaints from Township residents regarding the placement of seismic monitoring equipment by Seitel on their property.  Residents are advised that contrary to what Seitel may tell you, there exists no Court Order or agreement with Hopewell Township which permits the placement of seismic testing equipment on your property.  If equipment is placed on your property without your consent or permission, you should call Seitel and request that it be removed.  Seitel's phone number is 724-728-8464.  If Seitel does not comply, please notify Hopewell Township.

Working to protect the Ambridge Reservoir from unconventional gas drilling.
 Protect the Ambridge Reservoir! Please sign our petition and tell Senator Vogel and Tom Corbett "NO Drilling within the Service Creek Watershed!"  Sign Here
  • This aquifer is located in a rural, pastoral setting in the Townships west of the Ohio River, known as the Service Creek Watershed and Ambridge Reservoir.  
  • Water from this spring-fed watershed supplies drinking water for over 30,000 customers.   
  • This is the only source of water for all customers of the Ambridge Water Authority as well as the Edgeworth Water Authority.
  • Municipalities whose drinking water is supplied by Ambridge  & Edgeworth Water Authorities include:
                Ambridge,        Baden,        Bell Acres,       Economy,      Edgeworth,
                Harmony,         Leet,           Leetsdale,

BC-MAC (Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee) seeks to inform the citizens of Western Pennsylvania, specifically those in Beaver County, about Marcellus Shale gas drilling, and to protect our natural environment by promoting and supporting sustainable energy alternatives to carbon-based energy sources.


Founding of BCMAC > In 2010, several citizens in Beaver County were educating themselves about the environmental and health dangers to our water, air and land from the Marcellus Shale unconventional gas drilling, also known as slick-water horizontal “fracking”.  Part of this awareness led to regular attendance of monthly meetings at the Ambridge Water Authority.  As residents and customers, we became increasingly concerned due to the encroachment of potential leases for the purpose of unconventional gas drilling in this spring-fed watershed.  The Ambridge Water Authority accesses their water from an aquifer in a rural, pastoral setting in the Townships west of the Ohio River, known as the Service Creek Watershed and Ambridge Reservoir.  In December of 2010, citizens discovered while attending the monthly meeting of the Ambridge Water Authority that natural gas drillers had just obtained signed leases from private property owners in the Service Creek Watershed.  Feeling the need to step into action immediately, we had our first public meeting of the newly named, Beaver County Marcellus Shale Organizing Committee in January 2011. In October 2011 we changed our name to Beaver County Marcellus Awareness Committee.

                                             Shale Gas  Leases in the Service Creek Watershed

Leases within Service Creek watershed